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Cable Company to Offer Discount Lineup

Time Warner Cable is doing something revolutionary in test markets in New York and Northeast Ohio: offering its customers a cheaper channel lineup. When the economy went south, Americans started doing what many considered unthinkable: cutting their cable service. Broadcasting & Cable magazine recently reported that 22% of consumers either...

Do You Trickle It Down?

One of the biggest objections to taxes for businesses is the notion that cutting their taxes will allow them to lower the prices on the products they sell, saving customers money and allowing them to spend more, spurring economic growth. Do you really believe that it works that way? Let’s...

They Say it Like it’s a Bad Thing

You can tell that the tax deadline is quickly approaching, because bloggers everywhere are offering tax tips at every turn. Lifehacker recently presented a Withholding Calculator (via Kiplinger) that helps you determine if your employer is withholding too much money out of each check. Really? You need a calculator for...

A Lack of Common Cents

I don’t have anything against computers, really.  And I don’t have anything against a certain amount of automation in service industries like banking or credit. But at some point, there has to be a human being in the mix somewhere, or else you wind up with the kind of stupidity...

Sticker Shock

One of the nice benefits of the new credit card laws is the requirement that your creditors disclose exactly what the impact of paying just the minimum payment would be for your financial future. And depending on how much you owe and/or how much your interest rate actually is, you...

Better Off Broke?

For any of us who’ve ever dreamed of picking just the right numbers to win a lottery, this story might give you pause. Four years ago, a Florida man won $17 million as a lump sum payment. Nine months ago, he vanished without a trace. That is, until police confirmed...

The Great Grocery Challenge of 2010

I’m trying something new when it comes to grocery shopping. The idea came to me when I was going through my wallet and realized just how many of those annoying grocery discount cards I have. There’s Bi-Lo, Food Lion, Piggly Wiggly, Harris Teeter, and Ukrop’s. That last one is a...
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