20 Gifts (Not) to Be Missed?

Time magazine has released a list of 20 gift ideas for the gadget gurus on your shopping lists this holiday, and I’m happy to say that there’s almost nothing on the list that I’d want. Happy, and shocked! The most appealing things on the list relate to HD, but I’d...

Watch Those Due Dates

With the current economy, credit card companies are looking for any excuse they can find to charge extra fees or raise your interest rates. Sometimes, they’ll raise your rate even when they have no good reason:  customers who have excellent credit and no late payments on their record are still...
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Want to Cut Spending? Go Large!

I’m not all that sure about this little theory.  I can see where it might work for a while, but sooner or later, I’d still succomb. Over at Lifehacker, Jason Fitzpatrick writes about a new research study being published in the  Journal of Consumer Research, which states that shoppers are...
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Billing Blunders

Reading my mail today was like hearing from the Three Stooges. The first was AT&T.  For months now, they’ve been continually screwing up my bill. In fact, things got so bad back in September that I canceled my landline service.  Yet month after month since then, they’ve still been charging...
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Wasted Postage

I just got off the phone with a collection agency. No, not because I’m behind on some payment.  I’m good at the moment, thanks.  The other day, I received a business letter.  It wasn’t until I had already opened it that I noticed that it was addressed to someone other...

A 10-Year Plan

That’s the headline in today’s Post and Courier here in Charleston, and the story is about the city’s efforts to draw up ideas for the next decade. I’d hate to think about a ten-year plan for me.  I’m trying to work out a one-year plan.  And even that’s a challenge...

Simple Math

There was an interesting table in this week’s edition of Parade magazine.  (I know, most of you only open that little insert to read the inane questions sent in to Walter Scott’s Personality Parade.) But this particular table compared the tax plans of Barack Obama and John McCain to show...

Bailout Party?

I want that $85 billion dollars the Treasury Department agreed to give AIG.  In exchange, I’ll promise to do two important things: I’ll only pay off my bills and keep not a single extra penny, then give the rest to the next person who’s willing to do the same thing. ...

Missing the Point

I got an interesting peice of mail yesterday from a bill collecting agency hired by my apartment complex.  The amount due was more than $2,000, but it wasn’t until after I opened the letter — and after the moment of initial shock — that I realized that the bill was...
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