Another Call to AOL

I have spoken with "Rodney" at AOL's Customer Service Center in Virginia. He has given me more answers to clarify -- and correct -- the misinformation given to me by previous operators. The answers I am about to supply are not verbatim, but I do feel that they correctly represent...

A New Bit of Information

Armand, formerly of "Un-Common Sense," has a new journal. What he has uncovered about the entry on the old journal on the date of the alleged Terms of Service violation will likely leave you scratching your head. This is a serious matter for AOL Journals. If we are to be...

AOL Journal Controversy

Armand of "Un-Common Sense" has asked that I reproduce this letter he has forwarded to AOL's Journal Editors. I have recently read on another journal that a similar situation occurred to someone else. Is AOL being hacked by people who are trying to use other user's FTP space? If Armand...
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