Counting Points, Keeping Score

Well, friends, it's that time again. It's time to shed some pounds, hopefully for a longer period of time than I've managed to do in the past. I'm reliably informed that no matter how much knowledge we attain about the risks of being overweight, only we can decide when we...

What if the Church Would Fight Obesity Like Homosexuality?

A South Carolina pastor recently wrote a blog post asking a simple question: What if the church would fight obesity the way it battled homosexuality? Perry Noble is the lead pastor of Newspring Church in Anderson, South Carolina. I've never met Perry, but I'd love to sit down with him...
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Dr. Oz Grilled By Congress Over ‘Weight Loss Miracle’ Claims

Fans of Dr. Oz, the surgeon-turned-TV-star, are buzzing about his appearance before congress about products touted one way or another as weight loss miracles on his show. If you religiously view medical talk shows like Dr. Oz, you're probably likely to believe his appearance before Congress was nothing short of...

Barbie Unapologetic Over Unrealistic Curves

Don't hate her because she's beautiful. Don't even hate her because her level of beauty isn't attainable by the female form. A new ad campaign calls Barbie unapologetic for her unique look. If you're expecting an apology from a Barbie doll over her impossible curves, don't hold your breath. (If...
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Who Wants a Fat President?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie admitted having lapband surgery on February 16th, citing long-term health, not political ambition, as the motive. But I suspect it couldn’t hurt: if you’re a voter, would you vote for a candidate at the butt of so many fat jokes? So far, he’s down 40...
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‘Obesity’ Letters Anger Parents

Some Massachusetts schools angered parents by sending letters home about students’ body shape and obesity status. The program, an obvious attempt to do something about the ever-growing epidemic of childhood obesity, focuses primarily on the body mass index, (BMI), an estimate of body fat based on weight and height. For...

How I Surprised My Doctor at My Annual Checkup

This past Monday was the day of my annual checkup. What was supposed to happen was that I would have blood work done and then have to come back to be told what I already know: I weigh too much, don’t exercise enough and need to watch what I eat....
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