Counting Points, Keeping Score

Well, friends, it's that time again. It's time to shed some pounds, hopefully for a longer period of time than I've managed to do in the past. I'm reliably informed that no matter how much knowledge we attain about the risks of being overweight, only we can decide when we...
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Who Wants a Fat President?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie admitted having lapband surgery on February 16th, citing long-term health, not political ambition, as the motive. But I suspect it couldn’t hurt: if you’re a voter, would you vote for a candidate at the butt of so many fat jokes? So far, he’s down 40...

The New Diet Starts Today

If there’s any day that’s probably a poor choice to begin a new diet, it’s probably a Friday, where a weekend of endless bad food choices awaits. That’s one of two reasons I picked Friday.
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