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Danger Ahead: The Flashing Yellow Arrow

Apparently convinced that South Carolina drivers aren’t already bad enough, the state’s Department of Transportation announced plans to introduce a new signal — the flashing yellow arrow — into the traffic mix. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Coming soon to an intersection near some of you: the flashing yellow arrow....
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Google Makes ‘Safer’ Car

Leave it to the company that helps people find answers to an incalculable number of questions every day to find the answer to making roads safer. The only problem is that their solution to the problem involves removing the <i>driver</i> from the equation.

Normal Wear Leads to Better Idea

Here’s a little household tip I thought I should pass along. Nearly every car these days comes with that fancy keyless entry option that allows you to push a button on your key ring that will lock or unlock your doors. Most people use them, unless you’re like my dad,...
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SC Drivers Warned to Watch for Zombies

Talk about distracted drivers! Electronic road signs in Lancaster County, South Carolina warned drivers to be on the lookout for zombies Sunday morning. The signs also warned motorists of hunters and tanks. I am not making this up! The signs, which normally alert drivers to traffic problems, were apparently hacked...
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