The Big Bill

The brakes on my car have been acting a little suspiciously lately.  I was hearing a strange moaning sound at times in the front driver tire.  I mentioned this to a mechanic when I dropped the car off for an oil change and the service rep said that a slight...
Tech & The Web

The Car of the Future

An interesting article over at AOL shows off five features not currently offered by carmakers, but are likely to be “must-haves” at some point in the future. Of the five, one in particular stands out for me: automatic braking. Car designers have apparently already come up with adaptive cruise control,...
Fun & Laughs

Not as Planned

You have to feel bad for Volvo. They called reporters and invited them to attend a demonstration of their brand-spanking new collision avoidance system. You can probably guess what happened next. Yep…the system in the new S60 sedan was fired out of a tunnel at 30 miles an hour with...

Not in the Manual

There are some things that just aren’t listed in car manuals.  Maybe it’s that car manufacturers expect a little common sense. Silly car manufacturers. I keep hearing these stories about the troubles Toyota is having, and I keep wondering why people aren’t using their heads. For example:  let’s assume that...

Between, Not Across

Back in college, I took a sociology course in which the professor was obsessed with the concept of social inventions, those little devices and creations designed to take what would otherwise be chaos and turn it into something somewhat more manageable. One of the favorite examples he would cite was...
Hot Topics

Not Far Enough

Ford has announced new technology for some of its 2010 model cars that will allow parents to control the top speed of their teenagers’ cars.  As a bonus, they can also limit the volume of kiddies’ stereos and make the car send out constant alert chimes if the seatbelt isn’t...
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