Hybrid Hype

What would it take for you to buy a hybrid? A few of us were having that discussion today in the newsroom.  Some car dealers are saying that customers who want the gas efficient vehicles are winding up on waiting lists.  One local dealer says he’s had potential car buyers...
Tech & The Web

Text Message Crazy

South Carolina, my native state, leads the nation in something. For those of you who haven’t figured it out by now, whenever South Carolina leads the nation in anything, it is almost always bad. When they trail behind all the other states, it’s usually for something good. Here’s a perfect...

Scalzi’s Weekend Assignment #124

John Scalzi's latest weekend assignment asks participants to look back to those thrilling days when they learned to drive: How did you learn how to drive? How many tries did it take? What was the first car that you bought? My parents taught me how to drive. I'm not sure...
Fun & Laughs

Just Driving By

Absconded from Wil, who stole it from Pammy, who swiped it here. Your Driving is: 42% Male, 58% Female According to studies, you drive both like a guy and a girl. This means you're a pretty average driver, with typical quirks. Occasionally you're frustrated and or a little reckless, but...


How long are car batteries supposed to last, anyway? Don't we buy car batteries based on the number of years -- not months -- that they are supposed to be able to operate a car? I was on dinner break the other night and when it was time to return...
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