Student Denied School Lunch Over 15¢ Debt

A student in Florida had her school lunch taken away and tossed out when she didn't have 15 cents to pay for it, according to the child's mother. An angry mother says when her daughter was 15¢ short when she tried to pay for her school lunch, a cafeteria worker...

Skies Turn Unfriendly for Skymall

Last month, I flew to Tampa to visit my best friend and his family...which is really my second family in just about every way possible. There was one thing I noticed was missing on the flight: there were no SkyMall catalogs. Since I had a connecting flight both ways, I...
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Rowe Claims Walmart Ad Led to Death Threats

The man known as the host of 'Dirty Jobs' says narrating a Walmart ad has earned him death threats and decided to take on some of his critics on his Facebook page. When Walmart, the behemoth everyone loves to hate, was ready to advertise its plan to spend $250 billion...

If Big Box Stores are Dying, Who’s to Blame?

Big box stores are seeing less business while online retailers are growing. But who's really to blame for that shift? Recently, I needed a new computer keyboard after my previous one met an untimely demise thanks to a spilled cup of coffee. (The coffee spill was thanks to my Collie...
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Minimum Wage vs Livable Wage: What’s the Solution?

Americans pay billions of dollars in public assistance annually to compensate for fast-food wages, according to a recent estimate. But there are questions not being asked amid the outrage over the lack of a livable wage. You've probably seen the infographic by now. It depicts the amount of money in...
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Shoppers Strip Shelves During EBT Glitch: Was It Theft?

Shoppers cleared shelves at two Louisiana Walmart stores over the weekend during an EBT glitch that prevented cards from displaying prescribed spending limits. A random power outage seems to have triggered chaos in two Louisiana Walmart stores over the weekend: Xerox told CBS News that the outage occurred during a...

Mark Zuckerberg Buys Houses to Outsmart Developer

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg just paid $30 million dollars for four homes surrounding his own in Palo Alto, California. The reason? A developer’s marketing plan. When you have a net worth into the billions, having more than one home in today’s society isn’t exactly a surprise. In fact, it's almost...
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Walmart Halts Expansion Plans Over DC ‘Living Wage’ Vote

Walmart, the retailer America loves to hate, is waiting to see whether Washington, DC Mayor Vincent Gray vetoes a “living wage” bill to determine whether it will continue with plans to start three new stores. When Washington, DC's Council approved the Large Retailer Accountability Act (LRAA), it drew a major...

Workers vs. Employers: Battles of Arrogance

After reading a story about a planned protest among Walmart employees on Black Friday, I scanned the comments and noticed an interesting jab: someone attacked someone else for speaking out against the workers’ plans with this interesting take: “Another moron who thinks that corporations should own you and have 100...

Goodbye, Twinkies: Hostess Shuts Down, Blames Union Strike

Striking workers at Hostess plants might be patting themselves on the back and saying, “Mission Accomplished,” if their mission had been to shut down the business and eliminate 18,500 jobs. I doubt that was their intent, but it seems to have been the result of their efforts. The struggling company,...
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When Did the Great American Class War Begin?

One of the best things said at either political convention so far was said Tuesday night by First Lady Michelle Obama. The comment had nothing to do with government, domestic policy or some great unmentioned strategy waiting for us if her husband gets a second term.

Calls for Accountability Lost in Emotion

The scenario is enough to make anyone upset and ready to take action: a poor, 100-year-old woman facing a bill for nearly $200,000 to stay in her home. Until you know a few more details.
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