We Need a Bill to Ban Bonuses

I read the other day that a media company with which I used to be associated paid its CEO almost $10 million last year, including a cash bonus of $1.25 million. The same company’s COO received a salary of $8.2 million, more than double what she earned in 2009. Those...

Get Ready to Pay More…Again

The Kimberly-Clark Corporation is raising prices for bathroom tissue and other products as they fight higher production costs. The price hikes, estimated to be in range of 3-7% for baby and child care products and 7% for bathroom tissue, including Cottonelle and Scott, are expected to take effect in either...

The Dying Christmas Tradition?

As of Christmas Eve, the count stands at just three. Ten years ago, it might have been approaching two dozen by now. But these days, thanks to social networking services like Facebook, Christmas cards are more and more becoming a thing of the past: “The rise of social networking, smartphones...
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Cable Company to Offer Discount Lineup

Time Warner Cable is doing something revolutionary in test markets in New York and Northeast Ohio: offering its customers a cheaper channel lineup. When the economy went south, Americans started doing what many considered unthinkable: cutting their cable service. Broadcasting & Cable magazine recently reported that 22% of consumers either...

Could You Keep It to a Hundred?

Tammy was married, working for an investment management form and earning about $40,000 a year. But she and her husband had racked up lots of debt then realized that all of the things they had purchased just weren’t making them happy. So she came up with a shocking idea! They...

Do You Trickle It Down?

One of the biggest objections to taxes for businesses is the notion that cutting their taxes will allow them to lower the prices on the products they sell, saving customers money and allowing them to spend more, spurring economic growth. Do you really believe that it works that way? Let’s...

Postal Service Ponders 5-Day Workweek

The Postal Service, citing continued economic shortfalls, is considering a plan to end mail delivery on Saturdays. Postmaster General John Potter told USA Today that cutting service was unavoidable if the organization is ever to move back into the black: “We know we’re going to have less mail in 2020...

This Little Piggy Went to Marketing

A recent promo required the use of piggy banks as a visual metaphor of people donating to political campaigns. Though I haven’t shopped for a traditional piggy bank in quite a while — what I save, I save in a bank account — I didn’t think it would be that difficult to find...

A Lack of Common Cents

I don’t have anything against computers, really.  And I don’t have anything against a certain amount of automation in service industries like banking or credit. But at some point, there has to be a human being in the mix somewhere, or else you wind up with the kind of stupidity...
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