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Feeling Blue

If you’ve ever seen a video crew out shooting anything, you might have noticed that one of the first things the videographer does it to point the camera at a little white card or something nearby, like a car, for instance, that’s white.  He then presses a button or two...

A 10-Year Plan

That’s the headline in today’s Post and Courier here in Charleston, and the story is about the city’s efforts to draw up ideas for the next decade. I’d hate to think about a ten-year plan for me.  I’m trying to work out a one-year plan.  And even that’s a challenge...

Bailout Party?

I want that $85 billion dollars the Treasury Department agreed to give AIG.  In exchange, I’ll promise to do two important things: I’ll only pay off my bills and keep not a single extra penny, then give the rest to the next person who’s willing to do the same thing. ...

Saving Money

Over at Huffington Post, there’s a new post by Felicia C. Sullivan called “How Not To Crack The Piggy Bank: 8 Ways To Save A Buck!” It begins with this: 1. View your day job as a freebie-filled mecca: From those mind-numbing 401K free lunches to the decaying coffee pot...

Costly Coins

For years people have been campaigning to get rid of the penny because they feel so little value in a single cent. Recent developments in the cost of metals indicate that there’s even less value in a penny than anyone realized! For the first time in U.S. history, USA Today...
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