Will You Miss Those Squiggly CFL Bulbs? I Won’t!

General Electric says it's phasing out those annoying CFL bulbs within a year. I never did like them. Compact fluorescent lamps, better known as CFLs, are those twisted little bulbs that heat gas instead of filament to provide light. I'm certainly not alone. The Consumerist reported customer complaints ranged from...

Recycling or Upcycling? Mostly, It’s Word Games

I came across an interesting article the other day that mentioned a word I'd never seen: upcycling. But how do you know if you're recycling or upcycling? Unfortunately, I lost the link to the original story that prompted this post. Fortunately, it's not specifically necessary to discuss the matter at...

Alternative to Washing Jeans: Freezing?

Blue jeans maker Levi Strauss & Company wants everyone wearing its jeans. It also wants people to conserve water. So to help the environment, the company suggests that its customers can skip washing their jeans in a traditional washing machine as often as possible. The germs that cause odor can...

Radiation from Japan Detected in Massachusetts

There’s a headline that should give us pause. Health officials in Massachusetts say that minute levels of radioiodine-131 detected in rainwater in New England are most likely from the damaged nuclear plant in Northern Japan. They insist, as health officials usually do, that there’s no danger to residents; the amount...

Nice to Have, Hard to Throw Away

Contrary to what seem to believe, those compact fluorescent light bulbs do burn out. But unlike the Edison bulbs that are slowly being phased out, these aren’t meant to just be tossed into the trash can and kicked to the curb. The newer bulbs, as most of us know, contain...

Obama’s Poor Oil Disaster Grade

It’s Day 100 of the Gulf oil disaster, and President Obama hasn’t gotten glowing marks on his handling of the situation, based on one of the latest Patrick’s Place Polls. Forty percent of those responding gave him a C grade. One vote prevented a tie for the top grade.  Had...

Group: 12 Years to Save Tigers

I’m really not supposed to like tigers. After all, I graduated from the University of South Carolina, home of the Fighting Gamecocks, whose chief rival happens to be the Clemson University Tigers. But if you ask me what animal I would consider the most beautiful on earth, I’d have to...
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