Group: 12 Years to Save Tigers

I’m really not supposed to like tigers. After all, I graduated from the University of South Carolina, home of the Fighting Gamecocks, whose chief rival happens to be the Clemson University Tigers. But if you ask me what animal I would consider the most beautiful on earth, I’d have to...

The Costly Habit You’re Not Likely to Break

Toilet paper claims roughly 27,000 trees every day. That’s just what you want to see on Earth Day, isn’t it? Worldwatch estimates that there’s virtually no place in the world that toilet paper isn’t used…at least occasionally. (Insert your own joke here.) Growing populations, adoption of Western lifestyles and sanitation...
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When Darkness Fell

Here’s an update to my earlier post about anti-Earth Hour protestors banding together to do their part to keep the lights on rather than off for an hour this past weekend. The Boston Globe posted a page that allows you to click on nighttime shots of cities around the world...
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Not So Green

Just because something is made of “natural” components doesn’t necessarily make it “green.” Take this customized iPod.  Some of the parts, in particular the clickwheel and the outer “skin” is now wood rather than the plastic and metal its Australian outfitter called “crass.” But where did he get the wood? ...

They Had Their Chance

Last week, I wrote about people who are Hollywood consumers and only too happy to blast Hollywood for its “wasteful nature” and lampoon its “single day of conscience” when it comes to Earth Day. In particular, fans of The Price is Right were complaining that it’s ridiculous, even for one day, for...
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