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Lights Out?

The traditional incandescent light bulb, that nifty invention that Thomas Edison came up with 125 years ago, may finally be on its way out. A report in today’s USA Today says a provision of the energy bill, one that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention so far, will phase out...
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The Outrage

“A threat to your children.” Where did that quote come from? To what does it refer? Was it spoken by George W. Bush on the subject of terrorists? Or was it how Al Gore described global warming? “It is not a question of left vs. right; it is a question...

Top Priority

Al Gore, appearing Thursday on NBC’s Today show, refused to endorse any specific Democratic candidate for president. The reason? Because none of them has placed the global warming crisis as his or her “top priority.” “Some of them have made good, positive statements, but it's still treated as a side...
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Gore’s Energy Use Revisited

In the old days, when a political debate began, there was at least the chance of discussion. Sometimes, it was close-minded discussion, in which both sides hurled some insults and learned nothing new. Nowadays, political debate has been replaced with the nearly-automated recitation of "talking points." There is little discussion...

Did You Remember?

Last night was the night to "Fall Back," by setting your clock back one hour. Officially, the time change occurred at what would have been 2:00am. Just after 1:59am, the clock switched to 1:00am again, with a "second chance" at that overnight hour. This marked the end of Daylight Saving...

300 Million…and Counting

I watched the 300 Millionth American being born this morning. That is to say, I watched the nation's population clock, which estimates the number of people in the country based on birth and death records, flip to 300,000,000 on NBC's Today. The real 300 millionth may or may not have...
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