KJV? NIV? NAB? What’s the Best Bible Translation For You?

Even the translation of God's Word can become a bone of contention inside a church. Finding the best Bible translation, however, should be a personal choice based on some very important questions. Many churches will claim to have an “official” version of the Bible they turn to. Sometimes, it's a...

The Death of Robin Williams: TMI on TV?

The day after the body of legendary comedian Robin Williams was found, a televised press conference went into detail about the manner of his death. Fans of Robin Williams were left reeling by his sudden death, which was announced late Monday afternoon. The death, which has been determined to be...
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Ward vs Stewart: Placing Blame in a Tragedy on the Track

Fans are taking sides in the Ward vs Stewart debate after 20-year-old Kevin Ward, Jr., was struck by fellow driver Tony Stewart during a weekend race. One thing we're always told not to do: when a tragedy happens, we should never blame the victim. It's almost as if people are...

Writing Time References in Associated Press Style

Writing time references can cause confusion if you're writing for multiple websites that each have their own usage rules. When it's three o'clock in the morning, do you write it as 3:00am, 3AM or 3 a.m.? Or do you have another option you tend to rely on? Last week, I...
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