Censor or Censure?

When a public official is deemed deserving of a reprimand, would fellow politicans censor or censure him? Do people who remove indecent content censor or censure it?

Some Day or Someday?

Occasionally, when I'm writing a post, I'll have a little grammar quandary of my own, just like the question of whether to use some day or someday.

Canon or Cannon

When trying to decide whether to use canon or cannon, you should keep in mind that while they're very different things, each can be involved in a kind of battle.

Gorilla or Guerrilla

Though they sound alike, you must be careful when choosing either gorilla or guerrilla because they have completely different meanings.

Stationary or Stationery?

How do you tell the difference between stationary or stationery? The two aren't interchangeable: that single vowel does make a big difference.
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