Riffle or Rifle?

Would you be able to distinguish the difference between riffle or rifle? The alternate meaning of one is similar to the primary meaning of the other! It's amazing what you can find in the Associated Press Stylebook. The other day, I found an entry on whether to use riffle or...

Allude or Elude?

When choosing between allude or elude, it's easy to realize how simple differences between words can lead to big changes in meaning. Allude or Elude? The two words look pretty close and sound pretty close, but they aren't pronounced exactly the same. They're technically not quite similar enough to be...

‘Completely Destroyed?’ Destroyed is Enough!

The other day, one of my colleagues at the real job caught a script about a house fire that contained the phrase 'completely destroyed.' There are certain clichés and phrases that immediately set me off. The phrase completely destroyed is one of them. When my colleague spotted the phrase in a...
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