Hope You Had a Nice St. Paddy’s Day

Today at work, I paused from my marketing duties to send my annual reminder about St. Patrick’s Day. You know the one: I’ve mentioned it here before. It’s that the abbreviation of Patrick is Paddy, not Patty. You may well ask yourself why I’d wait until the day is over...

A Grammar Error I Hope You Aren’t Making

After a little rant on my Facebook page about due to, a phrase used incorrectly almost every time it is written or spoken, my friend Mrs. L, of Mrs. Linklater’s Guide to the Universe issued a special request: Could you please 'splain hopeful and hopefully? Because of your due diligence,...
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‘Of’ What Were They Thinking?

Okay, grammar fans, it’s time for another quick lesson. Remember back to your grade school days when you learned all about these neat little things called contractions. There was don’t instead of do not. There was they’re instead of they are. And there was could’ve instead of could have. Could...

The Weirdest Sentence Ever

What do you get when you repeat the same word eight times? If the word is buffalo, you get a completely legitimate English sentence. Just make sure you capitalize the first, third and seventh buffalo to make it grammatically correct! So what you end up with is this: Buffalo buffalo...

Fair The Well?

Over at Newsblues, a subscription-based television industry news site, one of the daily items is a grammar section with tips for writers and broadcasters.  Earlier this week, resident grammar guru “Mrs. B” talked about the word the. Should it be pronounced like “thee” or “thuh”? It has to be one...

The Longest Day?

No one wants to hear that a Monday happens to be the “longest day of the year.” But today’s the day of the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere, so you’ll be hearing it on TV and on the radio. That’s practically a guarantee.  And here’s the thing: whoever says...
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