A Few Weird Words

In this week's edition of the "Saturday Six," (see last post) I asked which of five words looked interesting enough that you'd actually want to know what it meant. If you haven't already answered, stop reading until you play! If you have, I thought I'd save everyone a little effort...

A Grammar Challenge

Larry of "Larry's Blog" left me with a grammatical challenge. He asked what words like "bow," which have two different pronunciations as well as meanings with the same spelling, are called. A homophone is a set of words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings. "To," "too," and...
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A Grammar Issue

I was always involved in my high school newspaper. It wasn't really part of my wanting to work in television, because I knew even then that I did not want to be a reporter. I just liked working on the certainly beat sports! Anyway, at some point along the...

Ten Words That Need to Go Away!!

1. "Bling-bling" - It's not really a word; it sounds more like something a three-year-old might say when she really means, "Bottle." 2. "Myself" - If you use this word, nine times out of ten you use it incorrectly. You can only use the word "myself" in a grammatically-correct sentence...

A ‘Thing’ About Verbs

Here's a story that I wish was an April Fool's Day joke! Warren St. John reports in the New York Times that Shepard Smith, 40, host of Fox News Channel's "Fox Report," has a "thing" about verbs. Smith, in fact, doesn't like them. When he sees one in his scripts,...

Leading Lame Lines

Plain English supporters around the world have voted "At the end of the day" as the most irritating phrase in the language. Second place in the vote was shared by "At this moment in time" and the constant use of "like" as if it were a form of punctuation. "With...

Stupid Online Abbreviations

It's a little ironic that the Internet, the ultimate achievement of the information age, which has caused old-fashioned printed Encyclopedias and Dictionaries to become almost obsolete, is simultaneously allowing us to ignore all the great amounts of information just a few clicks away in order to become so lazy with...
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