Wednesday, November 20, 2019



Campus Stress Relief

College students need their outlets, too. Over at Caltech, the stress is apparently so high, students must search high and low for anything that takes the edge off. The fad that seems to do the trick best is to leave their shoes in the dorm. One student told the Los...

The Stroke Test

I generally never do email forwards. Those little important messages that you must pass on to at least ten of your friends to prevent the Earth from stopping its rotation just don't appeal to me. My dad sent me this one and it seemed like useful information, so I'll post...

A Medical Mystery

I spoke to my best friend last night. He was back home from the hospital visit from Hell, during which he spent more than 12 hours in a waiting room while the hospital made preparations (or didn't make preparations, depending on how you look at it) for him to stay...

Sometimes You Need a Reality Check

I got an email from my best friend's wife. My best friend, who is my age, was rushed to the hospital with stabbing chest pains. They performed tests and they came out fine, but they're keeping him overnight to perform one more just to rule out any heart damage of...

Back at the Gym

I took a brief hiatus from the gym, not because of any unusual additional work hours or home improvement projects. It was mostly just laziness. (And a little curiosity: I wanted to see how eating "normally" might affect my weight over a period of two weeks. My little experiment resulted...

Doing What You Love

We're living longer, and for some, that means working longer, too. Arthur Winston retired Wednesday from his job as a bus maintenance worker. His retirement came on his 100th birthday. He had worked for public transit for more than 75 years, and quipped that in his newly-found free time, he...

Married? You’ll Live Longer!

Contrary to what men and women with nagging spouses might tell you, getting married and staying married increases your life expectancy by about eight or nine years, according to federal death records. Scripps Howard News Service made this conclusion after examining 2.2 million death certificate records from 2003, and only...

Diet Update

I think I've experienced some kind of vision: I've gotten a glimpse of Hell! And in this vision, it wasn't so much the lakes of fire or the demons that jumped out at me, but rather an endless series of shiny new Elliptical Cross-trainer machines! The control panel on each...

Depressing Day

Have you been feeling a bit down lately? A European scientist wouldn't be surprised if you were. Dr. Cliff Arnall called January 24th the worst day of 2005, and this year, today, the 23rd, gets the dubious honor. Arnall's calculation is based on several factors. For one thing, by this...

The Diet

There's a reason why "diet" is a four-letter word. Just before Christmas, I joined a gym. There are certain things I heard the personal trainer say during my orientation session that I still can't shake out of my head. "Diets don't work. It has to be about lifestyle changes." Sure,...
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