Role Reversal?

If you are one of those people who believe that gays and lesbians should not be allowed to marry because it would destroy the institution of marriage, then logically, you must believe that two men or two women cannot possibly feel genuine love for each other the way you feel...

Divided Over Marriage

Ironic title, isn't it? It's even more ironic that there can be so much division over the right of two people to live their lives as a couple in a committed, loving relationship in an institution designed to bring people together. Many moons ago, I referenced Jeff's well-researched entry at...

The Gay Marriage Debate

John Scalzi's journal round-up lists people who sound off on the gay marriage issue. This is an issue I haven't written too much about, but after reading a few of the excerpts, I decided it was time to throw in my own two copper coins. One of the posts by...

Blame The Media!

The debate over Gays in the Church recently led to an interesting series of articles in the Richmond Times Dispatch called "Keeping Their Faith." The articles profiled several Christians who happen to be homosexual. It featured a unique look at the struggles heterosexuals who are in the church have in...
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