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A Novelist in the Family

In my last post, I mentioned that I had abandoned Stephen King's latest novel, Lisey's Story, for a debut novel, The Heart-Shaped Box, by Joe Hill. I received this comment from Robin in Texas: "Patrick, did you know that Joe Hill is Stephen Kings son? I saw him on last...

Not Your Typical Writer’s Nook

For those of you who need that special place to do your writing, especially if your genre of choice is horror or suspense, here's what could be the ultimate spot: Bran Castle in Romania, (along the border of Willachia and Transylvania), a home that Bram Stoker allegedly used as the...


ThrillerFest, a convention created by the International Thriller Writers, Inc., is coming to Phoenix in late June. Click the link for specific details. Yes, I'd love to attend. No, I can't make it this year. If it were closer, maybe. But I definitely like the idea of a convention that...

New "How To" Book for Horror Writers

Over at, you'll see that On Writing Horror: A Handbook by the Horror Writers Association will be available in November. The product listing looks comprehensive enough, mentioning articles from authors like Stephen King, Stewart O'Nan and Joyce Carol Oates. But a funny thing apparently happened on the listing's path...

Back to the Writing

After taking a couple of weeks off from writing the novel because of the holidays and family time, I am back on it. This weekend, I went to Outback with my trusty laptop and wrote while I waited for the food to arrive. (Since I'm on a diet, there was...
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