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Instagram Users Begging for Post Notifications

If you've checked out Instagram lately, you may have seen a new phenomenon. Earlier this month, Instagram announced it would abandon the chronological order in which it has posted photos from users you follow in favor of an algorithm that shows you photos it figures you're more likely to want...
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The Best Time to Post on Social Media

Finding the best time to post on social media means getting to know your audience platform by platform, not just looking for a single magic formula. Like many bloggers, I’m always looking to improve my social media strategy, since that can help get additional eyes on the blog itself. Like...
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How Many Social Media Apps Do We Need?

A recent article listed 16 — count 'em: 16! — 'most essential' social media apps. When I glanced at the headline, “The 16 most essential social media apps in the world,” I did a double-take. But then it dawned on me that they'd qualified that number: the most-essential. How many social media...