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Should Christians Label Themselves as Christians?

Should Christians stop calling themselves Christians? There's a valid argument on that very topic. My mom has a list of pet peeves when it comes to television shows. One day, I might publish a list of them for your entertainment. One of the ones she talks about a great deal...

Since When Did Church Have to Become a Rock Concert?

I tend to prefer “contemporary worship” to the more rigid, formulaic services I grew up with; but just because I like a more modern presentation doesn't mean I want to attend a rock concert. I attended my first real “contemporary” church service close to a decade ago. There were things I liked...

Jesus and Guns: ‘Enough’ with the Swords Verse!

Sooner or later, when the discussion about Jesus and his possible advocacy of guns comes up, someone will bring up the swords verse. Recently, I shared on Facebook what I considered to be a very good post from John Pavlovitz, a pastor in North Carolina, about owning guns. I said...
saturday six
Saturday 6

Saturday 6: 9 Colors Named After People

Here are some random links I ran across this week that I hope you'll enjoy. Let's begin. 1. A Swim with a View This won't be your grandfather's swimming hole. The luxury apartment complex Embassy Gardens in London is planning the world's first “Sky Pool.” The pool will allow residents...