Saturday, September 21, 2019



A Birthday Celebration

It was a birthday celebration on Friday for my two friends. Zack, my cocker spaniel, is 2. Zoey, a golden retriever mix that I adopted from a shelter last summer, is 4. Of course, since she was adopted, I have no idea when her birthday really is, but for the...

Graduation Gyp?

It seems that there are some unhappy campers about to graduate from college in California. Why? Because Ahhhnold is their Governor! Don't get the connection? It's simple: Guess whose signature appears on the diplomas of graduating seniors!! Right! Because he's governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger's John Hancock is stamped on each one....

Star Soldier

Former NFL star Pat Tillman was one of the latest troops killed in the War in Iraq. He actually died in Afghanistan, but by now, you know this. You probably have heard a great deal of coverage of this single death. You have unquestionably heard more about Tillman than almost...

The Problem with Politics

It would seem that there are thousands of people out there who have absolutely nothing better to do with their time than scouring news coverage for new ammunition against their political opponents. The most recent example of this is the fallout over President Bush's comments at the 60th annual dinner...
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