Going to the Chapel…But With a Fiancé or Fiancée?

When it comes to engaged couples, the rules are changing slowly when it comes to proper uses of the words fiancé or fiancée. When English decided to import the words for the man and woman engaged to be married back in the 19th century, there was one little detail that...
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Jimmy Carter: ‘Jesus Would Approve of Same-Sex Marriage’

Jimmy Carter, the man regarded as one of America’s most religious presidents, said he thinks Jesus Christ would approve of same-sex marriage. During an interview on Huff Post Live, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, 90, said something that’s raising eyebrows in the Christian community. "I believe Jesus would approve gay...

How Will the Christian Reaction to Same-Sex Marriage Be?

The Supreme Court released its long-awaited ruling legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide on Friday morning. How will the Christian reaction be? Today is the day. A long-awaited Supreme Court ruling made bans on same-sex marriage Unconstitutional, thereby forcing the remaining 14 states that had active bans against marriage between people of...

Family Code in California Changed to Omit Husbands and Wives

A change in California has Christians and conservatives (which are not necessarily the same thing) angry because it removes the words ‘husbands and wives’ from laws. California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that replaces references to “husband and wife” with more generic, universal words to described married...

Husband and Wife Threaten Divorce to Protest Same-Sex Marriage

As a husband and wife announced plans of a possible divorce to protest same-sex marriage, we're one step closer to having 'heard it all.' If Australia allows same-sex couples to legally marry, a married heterosexual Christian couple says they’ll divorce, then live together to protest. You might want to re-read...

Should a Christian Attend a Same-Sex Wedding?

One of my relatives — I won't say who, despite being confident this person doesn't know what a blog is, much less reads mine — didn't accept an invitation to a same-sex wedding. This relative felt that beliefs alone were a good reason to stay home. A few months later, the same...
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