Tuesday, November 19, 2019



What Possesses These Women?

This morning, another alleged “other woman” in the Tiger Woods scandal told her story. Or maybe it was one of the same “other women” who’ve already told their story somewhere else. If I did care, I’d still have a hard time keeping track. The media keeps covering the story because we keep...

Tragedy in Virginia

It was a rough day. There is a widespread belief, propogated by clever little catch phrases like, “If it bleeds, it leads,” that whenever tragedy strikes, people in a newsroom are practically ready to throw a party. Such catch phrases, which some are convinced perfectly sums up everything that journalism...

A Headline More Hip Than the Story

A headline in this morning's Richmond Times-Dispatch caught my eye. There is was, right on page A3, a section of the newspaper usually reserved for serious news junkies and political zealots looking for fresh material with which to slam the Bush administration: Ancient jewelry more than just Stone Age bling-bling...