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Titanic’s Last Hours, A Century Later

A century ago, April 14, 1912, the luxury ocean liner Titanic struck an iceberg in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic. Roughly two and a half hours later, the ship would sink to the bottom of the ocean, claiming more than 1,500 lives in the process. Hours after witnessing...
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Restaurant’s Ad Angers Dog Owners

Fast food giant McDonald’s pulled a radio commercial and has apologized for what it now calls an “insensitive” ad. Some pit bull owners were angered by the spot. Some even claimed the apology wasn’t enough.
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So Good It’ll…What?

There’s a commercial for a new adult product from Trojan, the famous condom manufacturer, with one of the most ridiculous slogans I’ve heard in a long time. The product is some sort of “personal vibrator.” The spot features two gossipy women at a mailbox talking about this new device, when...

Speed is Likely Cause in Costly Crash

Police in Japan think speed is likely the cause of a pileup that could be one of the most expensive car crashes ever. Reports indicate that the cars involved include eight Ferraris, a Lambourghini, two Mercedes Benzes and a Toyota Prius. Is it just me, or did I just hear...

Man Files Suit Against Couple He Held Hostage

You just can’t trust anyone these days. Least of all, according to a recently filed lawsuit in which an inmate is suing the couple he held hostage as he hid from police. The incident occurred in September of 2009, when a man who was running from police who wanted to...

Shoppers Fight Over Black Friday Deals

There are some things that might be worth getting excited about when you’re in line on Black Friday. A waffle maker is not one of them. Unless, apparently, you’re in line at the Little Rock, Arkansas, Walmart and the waffle maker happens to be on sale for two bucks. Some...

Pay First, Eat Later

A pregnant woman and her husband got the scare of their lives last week when police arrested them for shoplifting and took their 2-year-old daughter away. As you’ve probably heard by now, the shoplifting charge came after they opened and consumed a sandwich in a grocery store chain before paying...
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