Taking the Cake

Viral marketing for the new Batman film, The Dark Knight, caused the evacuation of a Texas television station. Employees at KENS-TV in San Antonio received what is being described as an “ugly cake” with wires sticking out of it.  Assuming that it just might be a bomb or some other...
TV & Entertainment

Patrick’s 100 Movies – Part 1 of 10

Paul of Aurora Walking Vacation just recently finished listing 100 of his own favorite films, so I thought I’d give my own list of 100 favorite movies, also split into ten parts. You aren’t likely to agree with all of my selections, and that’s okay. There are some of you...

Indiana Jones and the Uninterested Movie-Goer

I’m so glad that Thursday has finally arrived.  That means that I’ll no longer have to see all the commercials for the premiere of the new Indiana Jones movie. It has been 19 years since the last Indiana Jones movie, and I have no idea what the official title was...
TV & Entertainment

Bending Reality

Actors Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann aren’t a gay couple, but they play one on TV. Actress Cate Blanchett isn’t male, but she played one in a movie. Actor Robert Downey, Jr., isn’t black... Can you guess where this is going? Yes, Downey is now portraying a black man in...
TV & Entertainment

Damn You, Ferris Bueller!

“TV Land is Movie Land.” That’s the network’s new promo line for its Friday night movies that get repeated at odd times over the weekend when they’re not stuck in some kind of Westerns hell. I hate the fact that TV Land is trying to offer movies.  Really, if I...

Back in the Ring…Again!

Some co-workers and I went to the theater last night to see the new movie Rocky Balboa. (Click the link to see the movie trailer.) I'm sure they added the last name so they wouldn't have to go back and count up how many previous Rocky films there had already...

Movie Time

Was Mel Gibson's drunken, anti-Semitic rant or Tom Cruise's couch-jumping on Oprah enough to make you vow never to see their films again? A new survey, according to the Associated Press, indicates that of stars movie-goers would "avoid like the plague," Tom Cruise tops the list, followed by Angelina Jolie...

The New Bond

This weekend, fans of 007 will flock to theaters to see the newest James Bond, Daniel Craig, in the 21st Bond film, Casino Royale. I won't be one of them. I grew up in the 70s, so the Bond I grew up with was Roger Moore. I didn't want to...
Double StandardsJournalism

Court Rules Against Film Scrubbers

An appeals judge has ruled that businesses who purchase popular Hollywood movies, then re-edit them to remove content they consider "objectionable," then re-sell the "sanitized" versions are violating copyright law. The full story can be found on Yahoo. I think this is the right decision for a couple of reasons....
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