Two Once-In-A-Lifetime Events in the Same Day

For those who enjoy such numbers games, something unique will happen about an hour past midnight Wednesday morning that you might be able to enjoy for all of a second. Three seconds after the clock registers 1:02am, the numbers will line up in perfect sequence like this: It will be...

Check Your Receipts!

Our desire for convenience at every possible turn has prompted fast food restaurants to install computers that allow customers to pay by credit or debit card. That's good for people like me, who take advantage of direct deposit and almost never have cash anymore. But you have to check that...
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Something You Don’t See Every Day

Ah, the joys of live television. You may have heard that a strange thing happened on Headline News earlier this week: an electrical fire broke out while anchors were on the air. You can see the video of the confusion (though nobody bothered to tilt a camera up at the...

Doing What You Love

We're living longer, and for some, that means working longer, too. Arthur Winston retired Wednesday from his job as a bus maintenance worker. His retirement came on his 100th birthday. He had worked for public transit for more than 75 years, and quipped that in his newly-found free time, he...
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Woman’s Hunch Saves Two Kids

A chance encounter with a little girl made a big impression on a Georgia woman, in an incredible story reported by MSNBC. When Tracie Dean visited an Alabama convenience store, she noticed a three-year-old girl whom she thought was troubled somehow. When she spoke kindly to the little girl, the...
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The Runaway Bride

Despite the tight-knit sense of family in Duluth, Georgia, many people in the community say they feel betrayed by the Jennifer Wilbanks story, in which a bride-to-be bolted just days after the wedding, concocting an elaborate kidnapping story and sparking a nationwide search. The full story as reported by the...

Frightening Forecasts

I stumbled across an odd news report the other day about a new plan in Russia, referred by IOL, the biggest news, classifieds and info site on the Web in South Africa. (Don't ask how I ended up there: I can't begin to figure that out.) Emergency Situations Minister Sergei...
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The Story Changes…And the Crowd Goes Wild!

It's quite amazing to see the reaction on AOL's message boards (Keyword: News Community, click "Crime & Courts" link) about the 20-year-old Wisconsin college student who was found alive after a four-day disappearance, and the follow-up story that her claims are no longer being considered credible by police who are...
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