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American Pride

When it comes to national pride, we're number one! According to MSNBC, the United States placed first in a survey of patriotism among 34 countries. America ranked highest overall in five categories: pride in its democracy, political influence, economy, science and military. Venezuela came in a close second, and Ireland,...
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Protecting the Flag

Earlier this week, the effort to amend the Constitution to protect the American flag from desecration failed by a single vote. I do realize, for those who may doubt it, that this, along with the Marriage Amendment proposal, is an attempt by Republicans to garner support from voters for something...

Supporting the Troops

What does it mean to support the troops? Yes, this topic again. Does supporting the troops mean that you automatically support every mission they do, every act they take, 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Or does it mean something as simple as being grateful for the work...
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Respecting the Flag

One of the items in today's "Dear Abby" struck me funny. The question comes from a reader who is frustrated by her neighbor, who displays a tattered American flag that has faded to the point that the red stripes are a pale pink. The reader says this is offensive and...

Why I Love Her

We do not always agree. We can't possibly agree on everything. I hope we all are able to find at least a little common ground when it comes to celebrating the independence of our country. I thought the most appropriate way to mark the occasion is to print a poem...
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