Working Hard or Hardly Working?

My first job was running a cash register at Kmart, a company that I've watched slide into financial trouble over the years. During my five years working there, I moved up from cashier to checkout supervisor and service desk employee, which meant I ran the front desk, handled customer service...
TV & Entertainment

My 25 Years in Television

Yesterday, I celebrated a milestone: I have worked in the TV business for a quarter-century. Wow. Does that make me feel old. As I look back at my 25 years in television, I think back to the first time I walked into a television studio. I must have been about...

Can You Believe the Challenger Disaster was 30 Years Ago?

The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded just 73 seconds into its flight, taking the lives of seven crew members and reminding the world how short life can be. It's hard for me to believe that it has been 30 years since the Challenger disaster. I suppose that's normal when we realize...

Chosen Family: My Early Christmas Vacation

I've always believed that you can tell whether you are having a great vacation when you completely lose track of what day it is. That's the kind of vacation — an early Christmas vacation — I've had over the past week. I spent several days with some close friends for whom the...

#LiveLikeRick: Breakfast with Friends

Last week, I took part in the third annual “Rickfast” in honor of the man for whom the #LiveLikeRick hashtag was created. It is held every year the Saturday after Thanksgiving, in honor of Rick Stilwell, who passed away suddenly in January of 2013. Rick was a great guy, a...

The Charleston Church Shooting: A Horrible Week

It has been a rough week. It began on a high note, reuniting with some work friends at an annual work conference in Alabama. It was great to see in person so many of the people I talk to on the phone and exchange emails with throughout the year and...

The Forty-Niner Rose

There are two things you need to know up front: First, a Forty-Niner is a kind of rose. Second, the photo is of a rose that looks a lot like a Forty-Niner, but may be a different kind of rose. Now you know. It’s amazing how much some small detail...

Study Finds Age for Peak Happiness

I'm glad I read this article before my 45th birthday. Otherwise, I might have been tempted to spend today stressing out about the ever-increasing proximity to the Big 5-0! It's not that 50 is so old, of course. But the closer one gets to it, it can just feel old....

In Memory of Don Davis, My Childhood Pastor

It was November 13, 1983. I was thirteen years old, just 10 days away from my 14th birthday, and I stood just out of view of a church congregation near the top of a staircase that led down into warm water where a pastor waited for me. That pastor was...
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