Study Finds Age for Peak Happiness

I'm glad I read this article before my 45th birthday. Otherwise, I might have been tempted to spend today stressing out about the ever-increasing proximity to the Big 5-0! It's not that 50 is so old, of course. But the closer one gets to it, it can just feel old....

Too Short a Life

This is a post I'd hoped I wouldn't have to write for at least another ten years. But life doesn't always go the way one plans. Death doesn't, either. This week, I had to say goodbye to my Collie, Scotty. The normal lifespan for a Collie is between 12 and...

What You Need to Know About Type 1 Diabetes

Most of the time, when people hear or refer to Diabetes, they’re referring to Type 2 Diabetes, also known as Adult-Onset Diabetes. It’s generally associated with obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. But there’s a second version of Diabetes, known as Juvenile or Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) that has nothing to...
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