Hoping His Twos Won’t Be Terrible

If you’re a dog person, you’ll understand. If you’re not, I hope you have the experience in life at some point so that you will understand. The pooch turns the big 2 today. Kids are said to be in the “terrible twos” when they reach their second birthday. It’s supposed...

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

When I was a kid, we always put up a tree. We never put a real tree up: we had the same artificial tree for about fifteen years before finally replacing it...with another artificial tree. I can still remember the smell of the synthetic pine-like branches.

Time With Chosen Family

During Hurricane Irene’s landfall, one that experts initially said would hit to the southeast of Charleston, a worst-case scenario of any coastal community, I wasn’t actually in Charleston. Instead, I was spending a few days, an all-too-short vacation, with my friends Chip & Lynne, their kids, and his Mom, Linda,...

The Big ‘One’

Today, Scotty is a year old. I’m told that for larger dogs, puppyhood still continues a little past that first birthday, and that’s fine with me. Even a 72 pound dog can still be a “baby.” Scotty has this amusing habit of letting me know when he’s hungry or thirsty:...

My First Fillings

There’s an old saying about “needing something like you need a hole in your head.”  As of today, I have two fewer tiny holes in my head: I survived my first fillings. Having gone 40 years without a cavity is a record I’m pretty pleased about.  Even if the record...

Surviving My Worst Fear

If you’re like me, the image that accompanies this post is enough to make you uneasy. I take fear of the dentist to an art form.  I’ve gone years without going, all created by a childhood dentist with a bad outbreak of some skin condition on his hands that really...
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