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What We Can Learn About Friendship from Goober

Actor George Lindsey, who portrayed one of television's most enduring, if most annoying, characters, Goober Pyle, passed away over the weekend. But what co-star Andy Griffith said about their friendship really struck me.


Merry Christmas, Everyone!

When I was a kid, we always put up a tree. We never put a real tree up: we had the same artificial tree for about fifteen years before finally replacing it...with another artificial tree. I can still remember the smell of the synthetic pine-like branches.


Time With Chosen Family

During Hurricane Irene's landfall, one that experts initially said would hit to the southeast of Charleston, a worst-case scenario of...


The Big ‘One’

Today, Scotty is a year old. I'm told that for larger dogs, puppyhood still continues a little past that first...

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