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‘Of’ What Were They Thinking?

Okay, grammar fans, it’s time for another quick lesson. Remember back to your grade school days when you learned all about these neat little things called contractions. There was don’t instead of do not. There was they’re instead of they are. And there was could’ve instead of could have. Could...
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A Sign It’s Time to Quit?

There are times when I genuinely feel sad for smokers. It’s not often, but it happens occasionally. The other night, I was at a restaurant for dinner and I found myself sitting next to a table of three women who were asking the waitress about locations where they could smoke....
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Still Stubborn After All These Years

I was having a conversation with a co-worker yesterday afternoon when he mentioned a web application we use at work to track our work hours. The application doesn’t perform well on Macs, which means that we have to come to work if we forget to submit our time sheet quickly...
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