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Floss Picks: Please Leave Home Without Them!

I don't know why or how it became fashionable to use floss picks in public, but it's time this little custom disappeared. Sometimes, I just don't know what's wrong with people. I mean, really, where's the home training? You may have heard of “floss picks.” They're those little plastic things...

Hey, Cashiers: Remember Me? I’m the Customer!

They don't seem to teach cashiers one of the basic tenets of customer service these days: paying attention to the customer. I stopped by the grocery store last night and had just enough items in my shopping cart that I didn't want to deal with the self-checkout counters that have...

Fighting Grammar’s ‘Terrible Trio’

hen you ask the average reader what his biggest grammatical pet peeves are, a trio of words generally always appear near the top of the list. So here’s a simple way (I hope) to tell the difference easier.
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‘Of’ What Were They Thinking?

Okay, grammar fans, it’s time for another quick lesson. Remember back to your grade school days when you learned all about these neat little things called contractions. There was don’t instead of do not. There was they’re instead of they are. And there was could’ve instead of could have. Could...
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A Sign It’s Time to Quit?

There are times when I genuinely feel sad for smokers. It’s not often, but it happens occasionally. The other night, I was at a restaurant for dinner and I found myself sitting next to a table of three women who were asking the waitress about locations where they could smoke....

No, He Isn’t Really ‘Sir Ann’

A quick pet peeve: I just heard a commercial about a phone company that promises to reduce your bill, and one of the first soundbites comes from a customer (or actor portraying a customer) who says he is “sir ann” he pays too much for his service. He’s who?? It...
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