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Pet Peeves

Still Stubborn After All These Years

I was having a conversation with a co-worker yesterday afternoon when he mentioned a web application we use at work to track our work hours. The application doesn’t perform well on Macs, which means that we have to come to work if we forget to submit our time sheet quickly...

The Longest Day?

No one wants to hear that a Monday happens to be the “longest day of the year.” But today’s the day of the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere, so you’ll be hearing it on TV and on the radio. That’s practically a guarantee.  And here’s the thing: whoever says...
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Messing with a Classic

Last night, one of the cable movie channels ran a marathon of the original Star Wars trilogy. I watched the end of Return of the Jedi, the third and final film in the marathon. In this film, after learning that Darth Vader is his father, Luke Skywalker is nearly killed...

The Angry Viewer

When you work in television, you get used to people who complain.  In fact, you get so used to people who complain that when you find someone with something nice to say, you immediately suspect that they’re being insincere for the purpose of setting you up for an even bigger...
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The Password Problem

I have seven days to change my password. At least, that’s what the email I received at work today claims.  At the conclusion of the seventh day, my password will expire and I’ll have to set a new one then, if I don’t go ahead and do it now. Somewhere...

The Decade Definition

My friend Rick has a major pet peeve that’s only making him madder in this final week of 2009:  everyone’s continued misuse of the term decade, as in “the top _______ of the decade.” As Rick correctly points out, the end of 2009 is not the end of this decade: next...
Pet Peeves

Act Now!

Normally, receiving a “Final Notice” in the mail indicates that a serious problem has occurred somewhere and usually inspires some quick action to prevent something even worse from happening next. But the one I received last night just made me angry. First, it was received via email. Second, it came from...
Pet Peeves

Why Not Just Walk?

I don’t understand hitchhikers. On my way to take the dog to the vet — and this time I got great news: no surgery needed at the moment after all — there was a guy I’d never seen before a few hundred feet from the entrance to the apartment community....
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Christmas Creeps

Walk into a Sears store and you might become a bit confused. The retailer typically puts up its Christmas displays on November 1st, but this year, it’s hoping to make its customers think about the holiday — and spending — a bit sooner: they’re already putting up their Christmas displays. A...
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