Was Bobo Murdered?

I can answer that question with certainty...beyond any reasonable doubt...and regardless what either the cat's owner or wildlife officials say. But before I answer the question, let's review: A former actor, Steve Sipek, who once played "Tarzan" owned the six-year-old tiger, Bobo. Sipek also owns another tiger, a panther, a...

A Hard Life

I adopted Zoey from a local animal shelter about nine months ago. It didn't take her long to make herself at home. She especially likes the bed and the couch, and the softer the pillow, the better. The staff at the shelter believes that she was abused at some point...

A Birthday Celebration

It was a birthday celebration on Friday for my two friends. Zack, my cocker spaniel, is 2. Zoey, a golden retriever mix that I adopted from a shelter last summer, is 4. Of course, since she was adopted, I have no idea when her birthday really is, but for the...

A Lesson from Man’s Best Friend

Meet Rusty, an unfortunate little guy who is a featured pet at a local animal shelter. I call him unfortunate not because he is missing a leg, a fact that is easy to miss at first (most of us look at the face first rather than counting feet); but because...
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