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This week’s edition of the Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot involves your photo archives:  the assignment is to pull a previously-unpublished photo you’ve taken in the past. The one I chose, complete with an American flag appropriate for 9/11 and a building that looks like a historic courthouse, is actually of...

Photo Challenge: Red

The latest Round Robin Photo Challenge is "Red." Last month, I posted a photo of a beautiful white Camellia. From my same visit to Middleton Place Plantation, here's a scarlet red version: It's amazing how vibrant that flower really was in person. As vibrant as the color in the photo...

Photo Challenge: Dream Homes

Imagine the possibilities! What writer who likes horror stories wouldn't want to live in a home like this? I suspect that a house like this might not get many visitors on Halloween night just out of the scary factor; on the other hand, I'm sure there are those Halloween enthusiasts...

Photo Challenge: Summer Gardens

I drove to Maymont this morning to work on the latest Round Robin Photo Challenge: Summer Gardens. Maymont is a 100-acre estate with two separate gardens: the Italian Garden, which is pictured here, and a Japanese Garden that is closer to the James River. The Italian Garden is a popular...

Photo Challenge: Flower Power

I was supposed to post these yesterday as part of the latest Round Robin Photo Challenge, but a long, meeting-filled day at work was just enough to make me forget.

Round Robin Challenge: Signs

I was too late to officially participate in the most recent Round Robin Challenge, "Signs," but I found a shot during a quick weekend trip home and thought I'd post it anyway. What kind of sign works best for a drive-in restaurant that serves burgers and fried chicken to go...

Round Robin Challenge: Silly Animals

The latest Round Robin Photo Challenge is "Silly Animals." I'm a dog person. Always have been, always will be. I've found that dogs can be a lot like people, especially when they're sleeping. No one has to show them what a pillow is for: they're smart enough to have figured...

Photo Challenge: Secrets

This time around, it was my turn to come up with the topic for Carly & Karen's Round Robin Photo Challenge, so I chose "Secrets." I recently went exploring around Richmond's famous Hollywood Cemetery, (no connection to Hollywood, California), a fascinating place with very old graves dating back to the...

Photo Challenge: Summer

This month's Round Robin Photo Challenge topic is "Summer." When I think of summer, I think of water to beat the hot, humid weather in the South. I thought of driving to Virginia Beach or Norfolk to locate a quiet, lonely beach and snap some pictures, but then it occurred...

A Few Pet Pictures

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment is about a subject I could probably do an entire journal on: Weekend Assignment #9: Post a picture of one (or more) of your pets and entertain us all with tales of animal fun. Last summer I adopted a dog from a local animal shelter. She...