Read Any Good Blog Images Lately?

To me, it's an annoying trend in blog images: taking a perfectly good image and writing all over it. How do you like the image for this post? On this blog, I don't make any bones about the fact that the majority of my images are stock photography. Unlike some...

10 More Things Every Blog Should Have: My Thoughts

Last week’s edition of the TXBloggers weekly Twitter chat focused on the second half of “20 Things Every Blog Must Have”, and this post is written in response to that list. Two weeks ago, I wrote about the first 10 things every blog should have, according to TXBloggers Twitter chat...

Stock Photography on Blogs Comes Under Fire

I make no bones about the fact that I use a good deal of stock photography in posts here at Patrick’s Place. The image that accompanies this post, for example, is stock. I sincerely hope that no one is in need of smelling salts. I don’t find that to be...

NYT Defends Graphic Photo as ‘Newsworthy’

The New York Times defended a particularly graphic photo of a victim of the Empire State Building shooting Friday, stating that the photo appeared on its website because it was a newsworthy image. But its newsworthiness is hardly the main point here.

Where I Get Those Images

People sometimes ask me where I get the images I use in my blog. One of the main reasons I bought the theme I use here at Patrick’s Place is that it was designed to feature a thumbnail image in every post. And I really do believe that adding images...

Following a Passion

Over the weekend, I did something I thought I might never do: I attended a one-on-one photography workshop with a local professional photographer to learn more about portrait photography and specifically about natural lighting. He arranged for a model to meet us, so it was the first time (other than...

I Survived Snowmageddon

Well that didn’t last long. There was probably close to two inches of snow here in Charleston when I got up this morning. It was really beautiful, and it reminded me of those rare occasions when I was little where there was enough snow the night before that you walk...

Spider Season

If I had been a little more on the ball, I could have had this photo be my response to last week’s Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot.  But even though I missed the deadline, I figured I’d display it anyway. If you’re not into spiders, you’ll want to avoid clicking through...
Fun & Laughs

From the Archives

This week’s edition of the Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot involves your photo archives:  the assignment is to pull a previously-unpublished photo you’ve taken in the past. The one I chose, complete with an American flag appropriate for 9/11 and a building that looks like a historic courthouse, is actually of...
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