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Pope Francis Approval Rating Drops in U.S.

If Pope Francis pays attention to his approval rating, he might be a bit concerned. I don't think, for the record, any pope cares about his approval rating. I would imagine a pope has far more important things to concern himself with. But if Pope Francis were to look into...

Atheist’s Tweet Over Pope Francis Photo a Key Lesson

An atheist tweeted a comment about a Pope Francis photo that demonstrates so clearly and so simply, in 140 characters or less, why living for Christ is the goal every Christian should have. Before I say anything else, I should point out what some of you already know: I am...

Pope Francis Suspends German ‘Bishop of Bling’

Pope Francis removed the man known as the Bishop of Bling after learning of a $42 million renovation product for the bishop's residence. Months after urging priests to ditch flashy cars in favor of more humble modes of transportation, Pope Francis suspended the German bishop with the nickname “the Bishop...

The Most Important Things Pope Francis Said This Week

Pope Francis continues to raise eyebrows and even shock some believers with progressive views. This week, he spent three days speaking to reporters about important issues and the direction of the church. Pope Francis spoke with reporters this week, claiming he'd been “reprimanded” for not speaking more about hot-button topics like...

Why Pope Francis is Causing Concern as ‘Cold Call Pope’

Pope Francis is now being nicknamed the 'cold call Pope.' Just when I thought I couldn’t like a Pope any more than I like Pope Francis, he does something to challenge that notion. Apparently reaching out and touching someone isn’t necessarily considered a great idea when you happen to be...

Pope: ‘Who Am I to Judge’ Gay Priests?

Pope Francis’s response to a reporter’s question about gay priests set off a firestorm among Christians this week. But was his response so unreasonable? It’s been called everything from ignoring the Bible and God’s teaching to a revolutionary conciliatory attitude toward the gay community within the church. Pope Francis, departing...
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