Saturday, December 14, 2019



Unclaimed Pizza Saves Woman’s Life

No fitness instructor would approve of a certain Memphis woman’s diet, but she may well be thankful for her unhealthy food of choice. The elderly female made a habit of ordering a medium pepperoni pizza and two diet drinks every day. Yes. Every day. Her routine became so…well, routine, that...

The Weirdest Sentence Ever

What do you get when you repeat the same word eight times? If the word is buffalo, you get a completely legitimate English sentence. Just make sure you capitalize the first, third and seventh buffalo to make it grammatically correct! So what you end up with is this: Buffalo buffalo...

Call Me the Big Winner!

The grocery store chain Food Lion, along with the other chains in the Hannaford family, is running The Great Grocery Giveaway contest, which involves shoppers receiving scratch-off cards for purchases they make in the store. I’m not exactly sure how they determine how many scratch-off cards you’re supposed to get...

I Think I Could Learn a ‘Foreign Concept’

For an overnight Los Angeles news videographer, not working feels like a “foreign concept.” That’s what she told the Today show this morning. She was being interviewed because she and her recently-laid-off husband just won the $266 million dollar Mega Millions lottery. The interview was taking place via satellite between...
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