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‘Must-See’ TV, It Wasn’t

I’ll admit it: I had no idea that David Hasselhoff even had his own reality show. I’m not surprised to learn that he did, I just never realized it. But I’m apparently not alone in that particular ignorance; A&E has pulled The Hasselhoffs from its schedule after only two episodes,...
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Palin Gets Her Show!

I’m really glad I made a decision to add a category called “Mind Boggling,” because here’s a story that definitely qualifies! My friend Carl pointed out this news item to me: Sarah Palin has apparently succeeded in selling that reality show about life in Alaska. And, according to the report,...
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The Price is Wrong

Not long ago, I mentioned that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was trying to sell an idea for a reality show about her native Alaska in which she would star. Palin is asking for between $1 million-$1.5 million per episode.  No, really. If that amount sounds ilke a lot, even...
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