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Remembering Jeanne Cooper

Actress Jeanne Cooper, whose career spanned six decades, but who will likely be best-remembered for her 40-year portrayal of grande dame Katherine Chancellor on The Young and the Restless died Wednesday. She was 84. Back in 1997, I worked for a CBS station and had pulled off the seemingly-impossible: I...
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ABC May Be Ready for Daytime Trim

In the past few years, three soaps have faded from the airwaves: first there was Passions on NBC, then CBS axed Guiding Light and As the World Turns. ABC, which has previously expressed no interest in cutting a soap from its lineup, may be rethinking things, according to an article...
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Daytime Drama Gets Two More Years

An announcement today by NBC will ease two years’ worth of worry among fans of the daytime soap opera. The network is announcing that it is renewing its sole soap, Days of Our Lives, for two more years, with an option to continue beyond 2013 if it remains popular. Soap...
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