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Amount of Spam Drops Below Half of Email

Seeing less unwanted email these days? The amount of spam has dropped below half of total emails. I wish there was some magic technology to kill spam once and for all. But it seems that something seems to be working: points to a Symantic report stating the rate of...

The Entire World Hates CAPTCHA. So Why’s It Still Here?

Chances are somewhere in the blogosphere, you've encountered “CAPTCHA.” Chances are you hate everyone else. So why is it still everywhere? I hope that the team of people who invented those squiggly little words designed to make sure someone who was trying to leave a comment or access a...

A Great Way to Handle Comment Trolls

Blogger John Scalzi says he’s having a problem with a troll and the troll’s minions. And in describing the problem, he suggested a familiar solution: “Don’t feed the trolls.” John is actually taking a pro-active approach, removing the comments from people he says are just there to cause trouble. But...
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One Year Later, Where’s This Russian ‘Crackdown?’

In March of 2010, ComputerWorld reported that the organization responsible for registering .ru domains, the top-level domain designated for Russia, was planning a crackdown on fraud and inappropriate registrations. The problem they were seeing involved spammers registering fake sites under the .ru domain so that they could launch spam attacks...
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Co-Worker Gets Frightening Lesson in Wifi Safety

Recently, a co-worker took a vacation with his girlfriend to Paris. The vacation had two interesting outcomes: the first was that during the trip, the girlfriend's title officially switched to fiancé. The seconds, was far less pleasant: a hacker got into his Facebook account and managed to send desperate requests...

Quicker Comments? Sure…I’ll Give It a Shot!

A lot of people like to be able to comment on a blog and see their comment appear immediately.  It leads to a faster sense of conversation, and it also avoids the often-misguided belief among readers that a blog owner might only allow comments from people who agree with the...
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Email Security Breach Could Affect 50 Businesses

A security breach of email service provider Epsilon Interactive could involve about fifty companies. Many companies, like Best Buy and Target, have been notifying their customers that someone may have been able to access a database that could have provided customer email addresses, and in some cases, names. Epsilon, according...
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Lottery Spam…With a Twist

Here’s a new one: I just received one of those typical international lottery emails informing me that I’ve won big bucks. In this case, it’s £750,000, which works out to be almost $1.1 million. (Frankly, compared to some of these lotteries, that’s a small amount of money.) The good news...
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Ironic Spam

One of my Twitter “followers” sent me a direct message that amused me the other day. Perhaps I have to give them credit for reading my mind, but they lose just as much for reminding me of the very idea that came to mind as soon as I read it:...
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