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Amount of Spam Drops Below Half of Email

Seeing less unwanted email these days? The amount of spam has dropped below half of total emails. I wish there was some magic technology to kill spam once and for all. But it seems that something seems to be working: points to a Symantic report stating the rate of...
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Lottery Spam…With a Twist

Here’s a new one: I just received one of those typical international lottery emails informing me that I’ve won big bucks. In this case, it’s £750,000, which works out to be almost $1.1 million. (Frankly, compared to some of these lotteries, that’s a small amount of money.) The good news...
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Ironic Spam

One of my Twitter “followers” sent me a direct message that amused me the other day. Perhaps I have to give them credit for reading my mind, but they lose just as much for reminding me of the very idea that came to mind as soon as I read it:...
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