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Sun 7

Sunday Seven – Episode 4

Last week's question focused on television shows you wouldn't want to be stranded without. I'd hate for the silver screen to get jealous of the small screen, so I thought I'd devote this question to something about movies. But first, it's the custom around here to recognize the person who...
Sun 7

Sunday Seven – Episode 3

  I recently saw a meme elsewhere in the blogosphere asking people to name what they considered to be the ten most important television series of all-time. The question that I read didn't ask specifically for their ten favorites, just the ten they thought were the best. (Sometimes we can...
Sun 7

Sunday Seven – Episode 2

Television lost an icon this past week with the passing of Bob Denver. Denver, 70, died in North Carolina following complications of cancer treatment. His co-stars describe him as a gentle intellect off-camera, but on the small screen he will always be associated with two less-than-intellectual roles: Maynard G. Krebs,...
Sun 7

Sunday Seven #1

Surprise, surprise!! "The Saturday Six" now has a younger sibling. Unlike the 'Six,' which features six questions each Saturday, "The Sunday Seven" will feature a single question with seven answers. Sometimes, you'll have to rank seven things, other times you'll have to list seven things you come up with on...
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