What Others’ Eyes See

CBS News has announced that it can no longer vouch for the authenticity of documents that they questioned Bush's National Guard service. The controversy has united both political parties -- briefly, to be sure -- in a singleminded condemnation of "the media." But those of you who have read this...

Frightening Forecasts

I stumbled across an odd news report the other day about a new plan in Russia, referred by IOL, the biggest news, classifieds and info site on the Web in South Africa. (Don't ask how I ended up there: I can't begin to figure that out.) Emergency Situations Minister Sergei...
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Another Wardrobe Malfunction?

Well, the infamous Super Bowl half-time show continues to get more press than the football game itself. Today, in Washington, a senator had something to say about it, but he wasn't addressing that “wardrobe malfunction” we're all sick of hearing about. His comments were directed at a different performer. According...
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Censorship in Prime Time

A news story caught my eye yesterday. Producer Steven Bochco is against a proposal to cut a 15-second sex scene from an episode of NYPD Blue to create a "clean version" of the show to air in other time zones. The show will air in the Eastern and Pacific time...
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