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Returning Heroes

The Pentagon’s ban on photography of coffins containing remains of American soldiers killed in war has been a topic of debate among journalists, war opponents and war supporters since it first came into play during Gulf War I. Many people thought this policy — for a variety of personal agendas...


Just a few minutes ago, a bulletin from the New York Times reported that a roadside bomb in Baghdad killed four U.S. soldiers, bringing the official American death toll, as tabulated by the Associated Press, to 4,000. The grim milestone came on the same day that rockets and mortars pounded...


It was not a dark and stormy night, although perhaps that would have been a more appropriate setting, obvious cliché aside. In fact, it was an otherwise quiet morning in Washington, around 9:00am, when President George W. Bush gave the executive order from the Situation Room that launched Operation Iraqi...
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The Outrage

“A threat to your children.” Where did that quote come from? To what does it refer? Was it spoken by George W. Bush on the subject of terrorists? Or was it how Al Gore described global warming? “It is not a question of left vs. right; it is a question...
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Sheehan Calls It Quits

The War in Iraq’s most vocal and well-known critic, activist Cindy Sheehan, says she’s giving up her fight. She blames her decision, since someone else is always to blame, on Democrats who caved on their showdown with the president as well as some attacks from the left that have targeted...

What Would You Say?

What do you say on Memorial Day? Especially while an unpopular war continues to divide the country so bitterly that little if anything seems to get done because of all of the arguing. You send your condolences to the families who’ve lost loved ones. Not that there is anything anyone...
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Politics and Photo Ops

Occasionally, a comment appears that I consider important enough to address in its own post.In response to my post about McCain's trip to Iraq to prove how much safer the streets of Baghdad are, and particularly after I stated that McCain has essentially zapped his chances of winning my vote,...
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