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What Others’ Eyes See

CBS News has announced that it can no longer vouch for the authenticity of documents that they questioned Bush's National Guard service. The controversy has united both political parties -- briefly, to be sure -- in a singleminded condemnation of "the media." But those of you who have read this...
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What Did Kerry Deliver

After reading mostly glowing reviews of the Democratic convention and in particular the speech delievered by John Kerry, I was beginning to wonder if I had somehow watched a feed of a Democratic convention from an alternate universe. I didn't find Kerry's speech nearly as informative as some of his...

Star Soldier

Former NFL star Pat Tillman was one of the latest troops killed in the War in Iraq. He actually died in Afghanistan, but by now, you know this. You probably have heard a great deal of coverage of this single death. You have unquestionably heard more about Tillman than almost...
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