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Internet porn is about to get a new address...or at least, a new domain: .xxx will be the domain designed for adult content, according to a new report by CRIOnline. ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which oversees net domains, decided that the new .xxx domain would...

On Judging Others

This entry has to do with two recent events. One of them involves a situation that came to light in the journal community on Friday; the other involves an attack against someone who commented to an unrelated entry here. If you don't want to read any more, skip this entry....
Tech & The Web

A Few Interesting Internet Statistics

Nielsen Research, the same people who give us television insiders a fit several times a year with TV ratings, have now added the Internet to their area of dominance, and they have released some interesting facts about Internet and the American home. According to their report, almost three-quarters of the...

Stupid Online Abbreviations

It's a little ironic that the Internet, the ultimate achievement of the information age, which has caused old-fashioned printed Encyclopedias and Dictionaries to become almost obsolete, is simultaneously allowing us to ignore all the great amounts of information just a few clicks away in order to become so lazy with...
Tech & The Web

Spam: The Other Side?

In the Sunday paper, there's a story buried on the back page of the "Business" section. (How I ever found it, I'll never know.) Anyway, it talks about AOL's fervent battle against direct marketers who send out all that spam. Quoting the article: "Now AOL is (reportedly) offering to sell...
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