Workers vs. Employers: Battles of Arrogance

After reading a story about a planned protest among Walmart employees on Black Friday, I scanned the comments and noticed an interesting jab: someone attacked someone else for speaking out against the workers’ plans with this interesting take: “Another moron who thinks that corporations should own you and have 100...

Drainer or Charger?

Which are you? An Orlando TV news director reportedly issued an unusual homework assignment to his staff, according to Gawker, to prepare them for what an upcoming “newsroom summit:” he wants his employees to vote for both the “battery chargers,” those who are a positive influence in the newsroom and...

Back to Work

When I was a kid, I hated school.  My mom did as well, and I’ve learned only in the past few years that she hated school so much (despite her constant straight As) that she was physically ill every morning. I was never quite that bad. But like most kids,...
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