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10 Facebook Reactions I’d Love to See

Facebook Reactions give users the option to quickly acknowledge and respond to posts, but I think they could use a few more options.

Recently, I took on an angry request from some Christian Facebook users who were aggravated by the social media giant’s decision to allow a reaction button of a gay pride flag during the month of June (which, as it happens, is Gay Pride Month). Facebook made it clear that it had no plans for such a button.

But it got me thinking about some reaction options that might be enjoyed by many of the platform’s users, no matter what religion they identify with.

So here’s my list of Facebook Reactions I’d like to see them bring in:

1. Dislike

For years now, Facebook users have been requesting a thumbs-down as an alternative to the thumbs-up icon they call “Like.” This seems like the most obvious addition they could (and probably should) make.

2. Facepalm

This one would be a great icon for instances in which people post links to fake news sites and clearly believe the stories are genuine.

3. Eyeroll

This could be a great option for everything from political rhetoric to the various imbecilic ways people have found to become offended these days.

4. Wink

This could replace the “poke,” which, for some reason, still seems to exist.

5. Covered Eyes

A See-No-Evil-type icon would be a good answer for people who insist on posting too much information.

6. Yum

An emoji that appears to be licking its lips could be a perfect answer to food porn. Post a nice shot of that dinner you had with your significant other and get a “Yum” instead of a “Like.”

7. Sleeping

Some posts are a bit dull, after all.

8. Clapping Hands

This could be a great way to encourage things like good deeds or well-made points.

9. Kiss

This might be a nice gesture for folks in relationships to communicate with each other. Maybe that would discourage married couples from having those annoying joint accounts.

10. Huh?

For this, I picture an emoji surrounded by a swarm of question marks. It’s the perfect reaction for people who make those bizarre posts that are intentionally cryptic and that seem to be a message that no one else could possibly comprehend. Random song lyrics, poetry clips and movie lines would work well for this reaction.

That’s my list of suggestions for new Facebook Reactions.

Which options would you most like to see added?

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Patrick is a Christian with more than 27 years experience in professional writing, producing and marketing. His professional background also includes social media, reporting for broadcast television and the web, directing, videography and photography. He enjoys getting to know people over coffee and spending time with his dog.